The Mary Kay Business Opportunity

I’m really excited to be part of a company that values people and love more than profit and loss! I believe that when you do the first two properly, success will come naturally. I’m excited to share with you the Mary Kay opportunity and maybe show you a way of achieving YOUR dreams.

Great Reorder Products

You probably have never considered a career in direct sales, most certainly not selling lipsticks and skincare products. Neither did I, but I found that this business is about so much more than selling skincare and make-up products. We are in the feel good business inspiring and enriching women, improving self confidence and self worth.  Best of all the business model has been proven and tested for 50 years and that is important to know when you are considering setting up a new business. The poduct and the services meet women’s needs and you can create a customer base that will continue to grow and buy products from you! After all cosmetics are a very smart choice when it comes to selling, because we are dealing with a consumable product. I’m really glad that I’m selling mascaras and moisturiser (products with great re-order potential) as opposed to candles, sex toys or vacuum cleaners… hey how many vacuum cleaners or new vibrators does a girl really need every 3-4 months?

Jokes aside, why are so many women interested in Mary Kay as a business and have been for the last 48 years?

There are 7 really great reasons (making money and being your own boss to name just two), but I’d like to share my 3 favourite reasons with you here:

Reason #1: Personal Growth

Mary Kay provides a positive and supportive environment to nurture women and help build them up. With such a supportive group of girlfriends, and sister consultants, you can feel free to express yourself and be the person you were meant to be. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to double, or triple your current self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence? I’ve recruited many consultants and I’ve seen them develop in leaps and bounds!

Prizes & Recognition

Reason #2: Prizes and Recognition

As Mary Kay once said “There are two things people want more than sex and money… recognition and praise”.  I really think it’s so true.  No matter what you’re doing in life, it’s always nice to be rewarded and to be appreciated for just doing what you’re supposed to do but it seems that that doesn’t happen often enough.    Just for doing your job and reaching out to women, Mary Kay offers amazing prizes (cash, jewelry and more), awards and recognition!

Walking the stage

I remember the very first career conference I went to.  I saw all of these women walking across the stage and getting recognized for doing a great job and I thought to myself, I want that too!  Well, I did do a great job and since then I got the chance to walk the stage many times.  When walking out onto the stage, it’s an amazing feeling seeing hundreds of women clapping for you, cheering for you and it’s so powerful, so uplifting!

Reason #3:  Training

One frustrating thing about the job market today, is that often you can’t get jobs if you don’t have the necessary experience.  What makes Mary Kay special is that you don’t have to know skincare or makeup or business skills before you start – Mary Kay will teach you and keep teaching you as you build your Mary Kay business and it’s FREE!  Can you tell me of any other company that does that?  Also, the training doesn’t just give you skills for makeup and skincare, but also skills that can be transferable to many other parts of your life such as goal setting, time management and money management skills!

Which of those 3 reasons appeal to you?  What do YOU CHOOSE to do FOR YOURSELF to achieve the life YOU deserve?

Watch this video to see what makes this business work from the very successful inspirational Gloria Mayfield Banks:

More questions?
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If you like to try our products or receive an info pack about this business opportunity please send me a message here or call me on (+44) 07916 331788.

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