I’m a Skin care and Make up Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics as well as a Sales Director with a growing team in the UK. We are looking to expand across the UK and Europe and I’m looking for women that love to work with people and that want to be in control of their income. My wish is that every women I meet can step out of her comfort zone and discover her adventure zone and make use of the potential she was born with!

Why am I so passionate about this opportunity?
When I started my business 8 years ago, I was working long hours in my job as a Supervisor in a Marketing Department. I was expecting my first son Noah and knew that I did not want to return to work only to pay for child care. My Mary Kay business gave me the opportunity to set my own hours and not to give up on a great income. In fact now, with 3 children aged 7, 3 and 2, I work only part time but still make a full time income! How great is that? I can be there to see my children grow up, but have a fantastic career of my own. Not only have I found a way to financial freedom, but I have grown so much as a person, I’m more self confident and I’ve learned to step out of my comfort zone and have fun with it!

Mary Kay is the vehicle to reach women! What I find most rewarding about my business is to make women feel good about themselves – either as a new Consultant learning new skills and advancing personally or as a customer where a little change in skincare and makeup can genuinely improve someone’s appearance and self confidence!

Step out of your comfort zone and discover your adventure zone! Are you ready to live the life you dream and deserve? Then contact me for more information about this unrivalled business opportunity for women in today’s world!

You can contact me here or call me on (+44) 07916 331 788 for a no obligation info pack or chat.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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